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  1. How to make my arms stronger?

  The muscles of the arms are mainly composed of biceps and triceps. The triceps is the main part, many people only focus on the biceps but not the triceps, so how to train the arms are not so strong. Three head is very important!

  2. only practice the upper body line

  Legs are the core muscle groups, practice legs can promote the growth of the whole body muscles together, is a must practice muscle, if your requirements are not so high you can consider only practice a few movements on the good.

  3. Can I work out at home?

  In fact, their own fitness goals are not too high, some simple equipment at home can achieve the effect, like push-ups also have many variations, dumbbells can train a bunch of muscles, not to mention one by one.

  4. How can I do if my fitness is not effective?

  Fitness beginners just started fitness do not pursue immediate fitness results, you know that fitness is a lifelong thing, not a matter of a day or two.

  5. I should eat fitness supplements?

  Fitness novices have the ability to recommend to start. Fitness supplements are similar to nutritional supplements, if you feel you are too busy at work nutrition is not enough, if you feel you are slow to progress, then fitness supplements are definitely suitable for you now.

  6. What about muscle imbalance on both sides?

  Fix the unbalanced movements that occur in training by training with a bias towards the weaker side. Increase the amount of training on the asymmetrical side of the muscles, and pay attention to the symmetry between the left and right side in your life and work.

  7. Diet before and after fitness

  If it is weight loss I mind the carbohydrate and protein ratio of 2 to 1. Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy output. So you can not not eat. You do not eat may train will be dizzy and want to vomit this. If it is muscle building mind 4 to 1, if you eat protein after training, protein will be used as energy to supply will not be used as a synthetic muscle elements

  8. To exercise every day or not

  Exercise does not need to be every day, muscles also need to rest, according to your training volume to make arrangements, training intensity three times a week, training volume is small, five times a week training. You will muscle fatigue every time you practice, if you do not give yourself time to rest may also enter the fitness “fatigue” period.