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(1) Fitness long-distance running can improve the functions of the respiratory system and cardiovascular system. Scientific practice has confirmed that long, rhythmic and deep breathing can make the human body breathe large amounts of oxygen. If the amount of oxygen absorbed exceeds 7 to 8 times the usual amount, the growth and reproduction of human cancer cells can be inhibited. Secondly, long-distance running exercise also improves the oxygen supply status of the myocardium, speeds up myocardial metabolism, and at the same time thickens myocardial muscle fibers and increases the contractility of the heart, thereby improving the working capacity of the heart.

(2) Fitness long-distance running is conducive to disease prevention and treatment. Fitness long-distance running speeds up blood circulation and cleans up harmful substances in the excretion system, making it difficult for harmful substances to stay and diffuse in the body. According to measurements, running 3000 meters in 16 minutes or 5000 meters in 25 minutes can lower blood cholesterol. This has a good preventive effect on the elderly susceptible to varying degrees of hyperlipidemia, which in turn causes vascular sclerosis, coronary heart disease, and cerebrovascular disease.
(3) Fitness long-distance running is conducive to a good mood and a happy spirit. Because this kind of long-distance running does not pay attention to the victory and defeat of the competition, it only seeks to exercise in a relaxed and happy manner, so it is very beneficial to alleviate the mental and psychological tension caused by the high-tempo and intense sports in modern society. According to medical experts, this kind of relaxed and pleasant exercise can best promote the release of a polypeptide substance in the body-endorphin bark, so that people produce a continuous euphoria and calming effect. In addition, because long-distance running makes people feel full and optimistic, it helps to increase appetite, strengthen digestion, and promote nutrient absorption.
Long-distance running exercise has a good effect on cultivating people to overcome difficulties and temper the tenacious will of hard work. Especially for those who are afraid of cold and sleep in winter and do not want to exercise, so that they can taste the benefits of fitness and long-distance running.
(4) Healthy long-distance running needs to pay attention to the speed, try to keep the speed that your body can adapt to, and avoid excessively violent fast long-distance running, especially if you don’t run frequently, you may have sore hands and feet the next day for the first time because of strenuous exercise. Caused by lactic acid.