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I just received it a few days ago, but so far it’s not bad. Using the method suggested by others is very easy to use and clean – put a little warm water and use a drop or two of detergent. Open until the mixture reaches the top, then rinse. The storage compartment can hold a large amount of powdery mixture. It’s not sure how long the charging will last, but it’s easy to charge with a USB charger. It is definitely easier than the traditional mixer, and the inward rotating vortex can better mix the powder. Very satisfied with the purchase. I’m glad I spent more money on the rechargeable model
This is true. Over the years, I have bought a lot of protein blenders and tried personal blenders. The soap protein shaker bottle defeated all of them. For mixed powder protein, the electric gateway bottle is the best, which is the design of the electric gateway bottle. Do not make smoothies and add fruit or ice. It’s just that we weren’t born for it. I have been using the electric gateway bottle every day for several months, and the electric gateway bottle has been used all the time. Charging lasts for weeks and is easy to clean.Quite good, quieter motor. I bought a new one for work. I really prefer the previous version of motor connection and measurement screen printing. It’s hard to see a new one unless you add milk. The motor doesn’t seem so tight. Sometimes I get loose when mixing. Maybe this is the only one. The electric gateway bottle does not happen, so the electric gateway bottle is still a great product. We still recommend the electric gateway bottle.
The electric gateway bottle has powerful functions and long battery life. I think my protein shake tastes much better when mixed in an electric gateway bottle rather than in a shaker. Electric gate bottle smoothes jitter. I was impressed by the battery life. I mix milkshakes with electric Gatorade bottle twice a day