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Health, longevity, and wisdom are the good wishes of mankind. Since ancient times thousands of years ago, people have been searching for the mystery of preventing diseases and prolonging life. The famous ancient Greek saying: “If you want to be strong, run! If you want to be fit, run! If you want to be smart, run!” It clearly puts forward the importance of running to human health. Entering the fast-developing modern society, people are more aware of the value of life, and value the pursuit of the quality of life, and the status and value of health are also increasing. The World Health Organization recognizes that health is a basic human right. At present, the level of health has become an important yardstick to measure the social and cultural level of a person or a country.

Modern scientific research reveals that among all sports, the aerobic endurance program is the most beneficial to people’s health. According to foreign data, the human body can take in 8 times more oxygen in the exercise state than in the rest state, that is to say, aerobic metabolic exercise (endurance exercise) can make the human body obtain the best oxygen uptake. The fitness aerobic metabolic exercises recommended by scholars from all over the world are: fast walking; jogging; swimming; cycling and aerobics (dance). These exercises can effectively enhance the ability of the respiratory system to take in oxygen, the cardiovascular system to load and transport oxygen, and the organization’s aerobic metabolism to utilize oxygen. Therefore, aerobic exercise has a good impact on the human body in many aspects such as physiological, biochemical, and psychological.r body needs healthy aerobic exercise to help